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Mon, Oct. 31st, 2016, 05:10 pm
Roger Waters - Finding George Henry

Оригинал взят у vaschilinnikola в "Роджер Уотерс: Стена". "Городские пижоны"
Ох-хрен-еть!! Мой кумир Роджер Уотерс из Пинк Флойд ,которыми я жил и дышал всю жизнь.....и смотрел не отрывая этой ночью ....на вдруг на 40-й минуте фильма в диалоге со своим братом говорит: " Как то раз я смотрел фильм, где какой то русский работает в Монголии и спрашивает своего земляка,помнит ли он имя своего прадеда? Вот смысл Бытия!" Я выпал из кресла. Это же он обо мне...О нашем диалоге с Володей Гостюхиным в сцене в дискотеке во франко-россйском фильме "Урга" Никиты Михалкова ....Мистификасьон!

00:32:48,425 --> 00:32:52,554
Oh, yeah, there's that movie
about a Russian lorry driver
00:32:53,180 --> 00:32:54,932
and he breaks down in Mongolia.
00:32:56,016 --> 00:32:58,435
There's this scene
where he gets very, very drunk
00:32:58,644 --> 00:33:01,480
and he makes this long,
impassioned speech
00:33:01,689 --> 00:33:04,692
about the fact that he can't
remember his grandfather's name.
00:33:05,776 --> 00:33:08,362
When I saw that
it was like a dagger in my heart.
00:33:08,570 --> 00:33:09,989
And I went, "Oh, my God."
00:33:10,197 --> 00:33:11,615
I thought, "My grandfather,
00:33:11,824 --> 00:33:13,784
what the fuck
was my grandfather's name?"
00:33:13,993 --> 00:33:15,411
And I panicked.
00:33:15,744 --> 00:33:19,206
And a few seconds later,
through the panic,
00:33:19,415 --> 00:33:21,250
I went, "George Henry."

Mon, Jun. 27th, 2016, 03:03 pm
Wrocław 2016-06-25: One of these days I'm going to cut you into little pieces

One of These Days from September 1971 to June 2016

Tue, Dec. 22nd, 2015, 12:55 pm
Post-Rock Albums 2015

Оригинал взят у arctic drones в "The 50 best albums of 2015, as voted by the post-rock community"

For the fourth year, we invited the post-rock community to list their favorite records of the year. 13.887 listeners from 76 countries participated in this year’s polls and chose from 278 albums released in 2015.
And now is the time to present you the albums that made the top 50 list.
Here it is, the 50 best (post/instrumental/experimental rock) albums of 2015, as voted by the post-rock community.


* 2916 votes
HOME TOWN: Beverly, Massachusetts, United States
MORE INFO: Bandcamp // Facebook

* 2617 votes
HOME TOWN: Glen Of The Downs, Ireland
MORE INFO: Bandcamp // Facebook

* 2076 votes
HOME TOWN: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
MORE INFO: Label Web
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Fri, Oct. 9th, 2015, 03:37 pm
John Lennon - 75

Tue, Jul. 28th, 2015, 08:38 am
Wright - 72

Tue, Jan. 6th, 2015, 12:10 am
Barrett - 69

Оригинал взят у Chris Wade в "Shattering the myth of Syd Barrett" (интервью с Йеном Барреттом, племянником, в марте 2012 г.)

- When did you first become aware that your uncle was a famous ex rock star?

I was only fairly young, and while Pink Floyd as a band were truly HUGE, it wasn't really music I was into, being 9 or 10. I knew of the bigger songs such as some from The Wall - as they were on the radio and television a lot, but it took a while to realise that Roger (Syd) was linked to the band.

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- Also, how did Syd view his own art and were you a fan of his paintings?

I love his art, and I think it is important to view his art as his first love, rather than the music. While the music is fantastic, he viewed himself first and foremost as a painter. He was already at Art College in London when the Pink Floyd started, and is art was always running parallel. It is impossible to know but I suspect he resented his musical success for taking away the time to paint. I'm sure he would have loved more time to devote to art, but the band were SO successful and in demand it just wasn't possible. That is why it has always annoyed me when people view his later absence from society as the act of a 'recluse' At that point he had the time to do what he loved, and in partial peace. Does that REALLY make him a recluse? There was a large art exhibition in London last year that gathered as many existing paintings as possible. I was lucky enough to attend the launch party and was gobsmacked by how busy it was. The gallery was packed with people keen to check out the artwork of someone with mythical power to them. In a sense, there is little evidence of his career, but what there is keeps resonating down the decades… I love painting myself, and while I devote most of my time to my jewellery I also love painting - mainly watercolours. It is a relaxing way to wind down.

© Syd Barrett Fan Club

Fri, Oct. 31st, 2014, 11:47 am
Endless River для прессы за 10 дней до

Оригинал взят у v_impaler в Endless River

Были мы сегодня с Леной на удивительном, можно сказать, старомодном мероприятии - пресс-прослушивании нового альбома Pink Floyd. Как сказали организаторы - лейбл Warner и радио Рок-ФМ, мы услышим альбом из прессы первыми в мире - аж за 10 дней до релиза. И действительно, альбом еще никуда не просочился, хотя главная вещь, единственная композиция с вокалом "Louder Than Words", уже опубликована в сети самой группой.
Место проведения - Арт-Центр Винил. Помещение на полдороги между метро "Новослободская" и "Достоевская", и в полшаге от моей бывшей работы - журнала "Салон АВ". По-моему, всё это находится на территории МИИТа, хотя могу и ошибаться.
Журналисты собрались в количестве, хотя знакомых лиц почти не было - Всеволод Баронин, Алексей Певчев и наш автор, знаток Флойд Александр Железнов, поучаствовавший в организации этого действа. Во всяком случае, большие постеры группы, висевшие на стенах - его.
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Mon, Sep. 22nd, 2014, 09:29 pm
2014-11-10 The Endless River

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